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Red Flare a Centralised Platform for all Audit Work

For auditors they play a critical role in providing guidance within an organization, they assist them by developing an integrated governance, risk, and compliance approach. As an auditor you are expected to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes within the business. In today’s business environment audit managers are accountable for monitoring risks and ensuring compliance across organizational silos,  helping to reduce redundancies, whilst driving change and understanding an ever-evolving regulatory business landscape.

Focus on what really matters – Risk Mitigation and helping to Improve your Processes and Internal Controls

Increase the Productivity of your Audit Management Process

The overlaps which exist among governance risk and compliance activities are substantial and extremely significant within businesses. Red Flare enables auditors to provide a holistic approach within all departments enabling visibility to tasks, activities and business objectives, streamline processes across multiple areas of the business (Sales HR, Finance, IT etc).  Bring disconnected and disjointed creates more work and reduces productivity as each department is siloed, each with its own project plans and budget — and compliance activities. Red Flare empowers businesses to work together with a holistic strategy to better manage overall business and operational risks throughout the entire enterprise.

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