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Consolidate your audit work on a single platform

Auditors play a critical role in providing guidance within an organisation. As the third line of defence, they ensure that strategic goals and the procedures to achieve them are robust and fall within the acceptable parameters of the legal, regulatory and operating environment. They ensure that the governance, risk, and compliance approaches are integrated and working towards delivering the organisation’s vision.

The auditor must assess the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes within the business; and make practical recommendations that the organisation can implement to become an operational centre of excellence .

Focus on what really matters – reduce risk through improved controls

Audit more with less

The overlaps between governance, risk, and compliance activities are substantial. Eliminating unnecessary duplication of testing of overlapping areas improves audit productivity and allows auditors to take a bigger picture of the organisation, instead of being mired in the trenches of business unit silo testing.

red flare provides full visibility of tasks, activities and business objectives across all business units, creating the opportunity for the auditor to identify processes that span multiple functions within the business (Sales HR, Finance, IT etc) that could be holistically streamlined.

The consolidated view offered to auditors by red flare improves both the efficiency and effectiveness of implemented audit recommendations

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