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Allow Board Members to Collaborate Remotely

There is increasing pressure on boards of directors to exhibit transparent leadership and protect their organisation’s people, reputation and bottom line. Leadership displayed through tone from the top is key to ensure an organisational culture of integrity and respect.
To fulfil their oversight duties, board members must understand their responsibility as well as their compliance requirements thoroughly enough to ensure its structure and effectiveness. They should be leading the charge to identify and manage emerging issues like Strategic risks and hold compliance officers accountable for educating all employees and stakeholders on things like training and awareness.
Boards need to know what’s expected of them from a legal and regulatory standpoint in order to minimise risk of personal liability and reputational risk for businesses they oversee. This includes knowing what to ask and when to ask it.

Managing a board of directors can be difficult. Red Flare Platform simplifies every aspect of running your board and was designed by Board Directors from the ground-up with the Chairman, Executive Director, Risk Compliance IT and other board members and assistants in mind. Through our simple, secure, and comprehensive software platform, board member collaboration, record keeping, and documents management are simplified.

Red Flare is a Collaborative Platform that will allow Board Members to collaborate from anywhere at anytime


We adhere to strict security procedures to protect all Customer Data, so that your documents, personal information, confidential records, and conversations are safely protected from any unauthorized party.


Board members’ roles and responsibilities vary, but there is nothing more important to the health and sustainability of an organisation than how well its Board of Directors governs. Red Flare is designed to help with best practice.


Collaboration is integral to the work done by the Board of Directors. Red Flare makes it easy for every member of the board to stay involved whether the members and staff are spread across geographic locations or in the same office.

Comprehensive Platform for Board Member Collaboration

  • Board Schedule & Calendar

  • Gather attendees, add materials, and track meetings and events with comprehensive event details, one-click RSVPs, and timely notifications.

  • Board Discussions

  • Post updates and proposals, organize discussions by topic, and sync communication with personal email.

  • Board Documents

  • Board documents are too important to store in members’ desktop folders, inboxes, and other random places.

  • Board Member Directory
  • Fitness & Probity
  • Create committees
  • Board Tasks

  • Create and assign tasks, set deadlines, add documents, and communicate with members about task progress.
  • Introduce attestation

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