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Provide greater transparency and increase visibility into risks

Each construction project is unique and brings its own challenges, and opportunities. Careful planning and execution is the construction manager’s tool of choice and facilitates the identification of risks.

red flare’s risk management system supports the identification and management of risk from the competitive and economic risks faced during the bid phase; capacity, scheduling and code conformance risks during planning; to the Health and Safety risks that emerge when the boots are on the ground. Corralling these risks into a single system provides the project team with a comprehensive view of all challenges that will be faced throughout the project, and also provides a body of knowledge of how previous challenges were addressed.

Empower project teams to identify and manage risks in a proactive visible way


  • Comply with standards and regulations

  • Manage and review policies

  • Create consistent procedures

  • Streamline implementation of processes

  • Raise team awareness and understanding of policies and procedures

  • Create company-wide risk strategies

  • Increase visibility into risks

  • Manage incidents

  • Reduce costs

  • Report in real-time on operational risk, quality and safety measures.

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