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Bring Governance Risk Compliance and Strategy to life and help protect your students, faculty, and staff with our Red Flare GRC Platform

Governance Risk and Compliance management is an integral part of creating a safe and engaging learning environment. To protect their students and staff educational institutions must look at how they are managing these vital areas whilst complying with a wide range of regulations and compliance obligations. To remain in control and create visibility is a substantial challenge for educational institutes some feeling slightly overwhelmed with so many varying new regulatory requirements. Red Flare connects and supports the various departments and keeps you up to date and helping you to remain on top of these demanding challenges and risks. Colleges require a risk-based framework and methodology to accomplish all of your risk assessment and governance activities, while analysing the connections between those processes activities and the goals which they impact. Risk management within colleges and Universities is now becoming much more prominent and being identified as an enabler, you cannot manage what you cannot see. This is why Red Flare is chosen as the preferred GRC Platform in the market.

Red Flare Helps : Manage Governance, Assess Risk, Manage Threats & Provide Transparency

Red Flare Solutions

Red Flare is a unique user-friendly platform that allows users to manage and maintain oversight & execution of the Governance Risk Compliance Strategic Plan and so much more for the whole organisation. It is easy to setup, simple to use and extremely comprehensive. It is designed from the ground up with the end-user in mind, function is quick and easy to customise, for places of learning, reputation is everything this is why Red Flare have created one single platform that will enable you to monitor and manage your entire framework. Consolidate information across multiple campuses  and reduce risk by linking controls to the resources, procedures, and departments which they impact.

Reports can be tailored and filtered, ensuring only relevant information is used for reporting, Red Flare provides instant reports, in PDF or Excel format, containing data which is comprehensive and flexible. Improve Performance and drive accountability by clearly linking strategic initiatives to organisational goals and KPI’s.

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