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Bring governance, risk, compliance and strategy to life and help protect your faculty and students with red flare’s GRC integrated platform

Governance, risk and compliance management is an integral part of creating a safe and engaging learning environment.

To protect students and staff, educational institutions must look at how they are managing these vital areas whilst complying with a wide range of regulations and compliance obligations. The pace of regulatory change can be overwhelming for educational institutes, but this can be alleviated by first making the obligations more visible, then by designating clear responsibility for managing each area, and finally creating a reporting structure that allows each area’s champion report on progress and request resources.

red flare’s integrated GRC platform offers this support; allowing responsibility and authority to be pushed down the organisation to the level where it is most effective, while retaining proper oversight by the body responsible for the strategic direction of the institute.

The fully integrated risk module enables common reporting of challenges across departments, allowing best practice to be shared amongst departments. Using a common taxonomy to describe risk, and a canonical framework to evaluate risk exposure, the institute can confidently apply its resources where they are most needed and will have the greatest impact. This is why red flare is the preferred GRC platform in the market.

red flare provides transparency in assessing risk and managing threats

How red flare’s integrated platform helps

red flare provides an intuitive dashboard based view of the whole organisation, enabling users to identify strategic and operational challenges, plan a response to those challenges, and monitor the implementation of that response.

It is easy to setup, simple to use and extremely comprehensive. It provides a goal-directed interface, underpinned by a proven framework. Organisations can tailor the framework to meet their own specific needs, customising import, export and processing routines. It is cloud based, and functions can be classified and restricted on a per site basis, making it ideal for real-time consolidated management of multiple campuses.

red flare’s single integrated platform helps improve performance and drive accountability by clearly linking organisational goals, strategic initiatives, and operational KPIs in a comprehensive, coherent manner.

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