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Control enterprise risk and regulatory compliance

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Regulatory and legislative landscape

The financial services sector trades on trust; effective risk management is essential to building and maintaining regulator’s, customers’ and employees’ trust. When trust breaks down. the regulatory response is typically to increase the compliance burden on firms replacing principle based codes with rule based requirements.

Firms are required to demonstrate that they understand their obligations, that they have designed their systems and processes to satisfy those obligations, that they are monitoring their performance against those obligations, and are taking appropriate remedial action where deficiencies are found in meeting those obligations.

Compliance is costly – but not when compared with the cost of non-compliance. A comprehensive integrated governance, risk and compliance system helps a financial services firm achieve and maintain a strong cost to income ratio.

An integrated solution for credit institutions,  investment firms, and other regulated entities

The importance of risk management

Providing a 360 view of your firms critical success factors

Red Flare

Risk management and regulatory compliance

red flare understands that being in control of enterprise risk management and regulatory compliance is essential to the survival of a banking or financial institution in today’s aggressive economic climate.

red flare provides the financial services industry with the most comprehensive platform of solutions that actively manages and efficiently builds on governance, risk management and compliance processes to help meet the organisations objectives.

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