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Regulatory and Legislative Landscape

The financial services sector was among the first industries that realised the importance of risk management. However, the continuous shift in the regulatory and legislative landscape has banking and financial institutions feeling the pressure. Firms are finding it much more difficult to effectively manage risks and regulatory compliance obligations while ensuring business growth and continuity.

Banking and financial institutions must manage and mitigate multiple regulations as a result of the changing demands of stakeholder, regulators and credit rating agencies. Regulatory pressures are on the rise, firms are often faced with a resource crunch as budgets and human capital are dramatically slashed in cost-saving efforts.

Our solutions are ideal for Credit Institutions, Credit Unions, Investment Firms, Investment Funds and any type of Regulated Entity

Understanding the Importance of Risk Management

Assisting Financial Service companies with a comprehensive integrated solution

Red Flare

Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance

Red Flare understands that being in control of enterprise risk management and regulatory compliance is essential to the survival of a banking or financial institution in today’s aggressive economic climate.

Red Flare provides the financial services industry with the most comprehensive platform of solutions that actively manages and efficiently builds on governance, risk management and compliance processes to help meet the organisations objectives.

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