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Life sciences / Pharmaceutical

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Provide visibility into enterprise-wide risks and compliance through a comprehensive GRC solution

For life science and pharmaceutical organisations, the line between compliance and non-compliance can be the difference between life and death. Protecting the patient population is the essence of the organisation and increases the importance of other organisational concerns such as information security, personal data protection, business continuity, disaster recovery.

Life science and pharmaceutical companies span multiple territories for research, production and distribution and must be able to demonstrate compliance with different regulations in multiple jurisdictions.

red flare provides a market leading GRC solution on a single platform

red flare’s comprehensive and integrated solution supports


  • Risk appetite

  • Risk scoring models

  • Multiple risk registers

  • Risk heatmap

  • Risk evaluation

  • Monitor treatments

  • Customised reports

  • Role based security


  • Simple import routines

  • Instant reporting

  • Intuitive and easy to use

  • Full audit trail

  • Saves time and frees up resources

  • No more manual reports

  • Embed a compliance culture

  • Track breaches and assign actions

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