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Life Sciences / Pharma

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Create Visibility into Enterprise-Wide Risks and Compliance through a Comprehensive GRC Solution

Life Sciences and pharma organisations are faced with an overwhelming number of regulatory requirements related to their operational practices, are constantly challenged service delivery procedures, compliance requirements and risk management. They need to address all aspects of potential risks to assure high availability, security and privacy, business continuity and disaster recovery as well as minimize the risk to their business, reputation, and patient population.
In today’s challenging regulatory environment, a key obstacle is integrating processes and metrics used to understand governance, risk and compliance to manage enterprise wide performance.

Red Flare is the Market Leader in GRC Solutions within One Single Platform

Red Flare’ platform assists Pharma Companies with a Comprehensive and Integrated Solution for :


  • Risk Management & Configuration Tool

  • Risk Evaluation Tool.

  • Risk Matrix Interactive.

  • Risk Register Maintenance Tool.

  • Risk Scoring System

  • Interactive With Other Two Red Flare Modules

  • Easy Security and Access Controls

  • Risk Reporting

  • Risk Register Auto-Filter Function

  • Allocate Treatments To Risks


  • Saves time and frees up resources

  • No more manual reports

  • Simple import routines

  • Instant reporting

  • Embed a compliance culture

  • Track breaches and assign actions

  • Full audit trail

  • Very easy to use and intuitive

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