Not For profit and the third sector

Delivering your mission with minimal resources.

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Not For profit and the third sector

The funding crisis stemming from the 2008 recession, an increase in demand for services, and additional regulatory oversight are the key challenges facing third sector organisations today.

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Challenging times

The 2008 recession caused a dramatic drop in levels of both state funding and individual donations. For many charities the recession also increased the demand for their work, and the business aspiration of doing more with less became a stark reality in the third sector.

Scandals within a small number of charities within the sector and the response of the third sector itself in creating a Governance Code and the states response with the creation of  an independent regulator, has increased the need for all charities to demonstrate that funding is applied wholly to the furtherance of their objectives, in a transparent and accountable manner.

The Charities Regulator

The Charities Regulator was established with statutory powers to regulate the charity sector in accordance with the 2009 Charities Act. It has identified that public trust is key to creating an environment that charities can prosper within and so continue to contribute to the quality of life within our communities. It builds and safeguards public trust by maintaining public registers of charities and their charitable aims, developing and enforcing governance codes to promote better governance within the charity sector, and ensuring that funds are applied to the charities objectives.

red flare supports charities in demonstrating their compliance to the Charities Regulator

The red flare team can help embed a culture of compliance into your organisation and support you in demonstrating good governance to all your stakeholders – the public, the regulator, your staff and your clients.

Red Flare

Single real-time view of all regulatory requirements

The red flare platform allows you to effectively and efficiently manage governance, risk and compliance, ensuring that you deliver on your organisation’s strategic objectives.

red flare’s cloud based solution is suitable for organisations ranging from volunteer delivered mission focused Type As all the way through to volunteer led staff delivered national or umbrella service Type Cs.

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