Public sector and government

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Public sector and government

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Create transparency with red flare’s governance, risk and compliance platform

Good governance in the public sector is about delivering priorities, achieving objectives, behaving with integrity and acting in the public interest. Effective risk management supports good governance as it clarifies accountabilities, analyses and responds to uncertainties within decision making arrangement, and assists in determining priorities and setting objectives.  In fact, an integrated and holistic approach to risk management is seen to be one of the keystones in achieving effective corporate governance.

IFAC’s International Framework: Good Governance in the public sector identifies that good governance encourages better informed and longer-term decision making, strengthening accountability for the stewardship of resources, improving public sector performance resulting in more effective interventions and ultimately better outcomes for the public that is served.

red flare is the market leader in integrated GRC solutions

Deliver services more efficiently

  • Align strategy and risk appetite

  • Maintain compliance registers

  • Monitor delivery of objectives

  • Manage incidents and breaches

  • Raise awareness of policies

  • Record performance of controls

  • Intuitive and simple to use

  • Holistic no-silo reporting

  • Standardised dashboards and reports

  • Access real-time reports

  • Role based access controls

  • Full audit trail

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