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red flare audit

Plan, execute and monitor your internal audits using red flare audit.

Perform statutory and internal audits, including themed operational and IT audits.

Configure your audit universe from existing spreadsheets, making your audit function more effective by trends to identify common problems. See a step change in your audit team’s productivity by allowing them to spend more time testing and less time writing reports. red flare’s programme structure allows issues to be identified, recommendations to be addressed to the teams that can implement the necessary changes, and the implementation reviewed to ensure the audit concerns have been resolved.


Model your audit universe in red flare to ensure testing is complete and consistent


red flare audit has been designed by professional auditors and is streamlined to make running an audit easy.

Manage multiple audit plans at the same time – identify overlapping areas and reduce repeated testing of low risk functions allowing your audit team to concentrate on the high risk functions.

  • KPI dashboard

  • Quick reference and search functions

  • Email notifications and alerts

  • Role based access control

  • Full audit trail of testing completed

  • Delegate ownership at appropriate level

  • Assign and track tasks

Choose a custom collection of reports from our standard configuration designed to satisfy the typical needs of your organisation’s board, audit committee, statutory auditor, CEO and management team. Personalise the reports, extracts, and presentations produced by the system to ensure your organisational culture is reflected in your GRC platform.


Filter reports to focus management’s attention on what matters

red flare provides real time reports in MS Word, PDF, Excel and MS Powerpoint.

Choose from our standard reports

  • Audit plan including scope, risk evaluation, work plan and sign off

  • Audit plan report covering tests, findings, material concerns and recommendations

  • Audit headline report showing monthly status

  • Recommendations report – tracking recommendations and their status

  • Recommendation monitoring – track responses including remediation plans

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