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Red Flare Investment Platform

A unique platform to allow users manage the investment portfolio of the entire organisation.

It is easy to setup, simple to use and extremely comprehensive. Red Flare Investment gives the Management, Investment Committees, Investment Advisers and Board of Directors complete visibility of the entire investment portfolio. Users can quickly see all relevant information and historic valuations at the touch of a button.

Drilldown into individual investments to see all characteristics as follows:


Move away from complicated spreadsheets or word documents and allow Red Flare Investment save your organisation time and money


Red Flare Investment will not only allow you to manage the characteristics of individual investments, but it will also enable the user to manage the characteristics of the organisation i.e. record ratings from multiple rating agencies and also record all contact details for individual investments.

Red Flare Investment also acts as a secure document repository for statements, correspondence, valuations, emails agreements, original investment prospectus, in any format type.

  • Summary dashboard on login

  • Regulatory reporting supported

  • Quick reference and search functions

  • Import external valuations

  • Email enabled to request valuations

  • Matured investments tracked

  • Summary reports

  • Detailed reports

  • Tiered access control

  • Reference library

Red Flare have developed a suite of reports by incorporating best practice reporting standards and user feedback to meet all the needs of its users from the Investment Manager, to the Management Team and Board of Directors


The reporting function is constantly growing and evolving to meet the needs of the maturing and expanding requirements of our clients.

Red Flare provides instant reports containing data which is are comprehensive and flexible, in PDF or excel.

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