Investment portfolio management

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Ensure compliance with your investment policies

Monitor liquidity, concentration risk and portfolio diversity with red flare. Provide visibility to investment and treasury functions of how your portfolio is invested, review fund accessibility and maturity horizons to ensure that assets are liquid when they are needed. Drill into individual investments and analyse the cost and return on each element of your portfolio.


Move away from complicated spreadsheets or word documents to a robust effective portfolio management tool


Track the characteristics and contact details of your individual investments, manage your portfolio by asset class, counter party, availability, maturity and return.

Securely retain all documentation including prospectus, application, terms and conditions, statements, notices of charges and any other correspondence with both the product provider and product supplier for your entire portfolio.

  • Visual portfolio analysis

  • Regulatory reports

  • Summary reports

  • Detailed reports

  • Role based access control

  • Valuation work flow

  • Accounting software interfaces

A tailored suite of reports, based on user feed back and best practices, that provides the data and analysis your treasury management team and board needs


Output as PDF or Excel, red flare provides maturity, concentration, and categorisation reports that provide actionable insight for your treasury management team to secure and grow your assets.

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