Policy management

Transform your policies from unread documents to instruments of change within red flare

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Policy Management

Transform your policies from unread documents to instruments of change within Red Flare

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Policies define the decision boundaries when an organisation faces a challenge in achieving its strategic objectives. Operational excellence requires that policies are up to date and understood by all staff. Policies parked on dusty shelves provide no value to your organisation.

red flare provides a central policy hub that can be accessed by all staff. Attestations ensures that staff are aware and understand the policy. Review alerts ensures that policies are kept up to date.

Embed policies into day to day decision making with red flare

Benefits of red flare’s policy management

Centralised policy management

red flare streamlines the process of policy creation, review, approval, and communication. Enable policy awareness assessments, while also tracking attestations and exceptions to demonstrate policy compliance. Gain a centralised policy point to maintain the latest versions of policies and procedures. Enable employees and third parties to easily access the policies they need through the portal.

Map your policies to regulations, risks, and controls to identify potential gaps or blind spots. Also, through this integrated model, identify how a regulatory change can potentially impact existing policies. Finally, enable real-time tracking of the policy management life-cycle through powerful reports.

Business outcomes of using red flare policy management

Reduction in the time taken to create and update policies
Fewer compliance issues
Reduction in compliance follow-ups
Improvement in case management cycle time
Reduction in the time taken to review and approve policies
Reduction in the time taken to manage compliance activities

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