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Strategic planning and monitoring

Manage your strategies, initiatives and performance with a 360 degree view of your business on our integrated Governance, Risk, and Compliance platform.

Communicate your progress on strategic objectives through a simple traffic light dashboard. Board members can drill into the components of a plan and see how organisational goals are being delivered, who is responsible for each goal, and the tasks completed and scheduled to achieve that goal. The high level dashboard is supported by drill down spreadsheet extracts, ready to roll presentations, and customisable reports. Delivery dates are tracked, with an in-built notification and escalation process to ensure delivery targets are managed and met.


Allocate budget appropriately by identifying the highest priority initiatives, to ensure you achieve business goals


Design your strategic plan in red flare, or import from another tool.

Determine your success factors and record as objectives. For each strategic objective, determine the set of tasks necessary to achieve the objective. Allocate capital and operating budgets to tasks, and assign responsibility to functional areas or individuals. Delegate delivery of your plan to the appropriate level in your organisation, and monitor.

Manage multiple plans for different business units, with a consolidated dashboard providing an at a glance progress report to senior management and the Board.

Import from external data sources (fixed width, delimited such as csv, computer encoded via XML or JSON)  with our universal import routines.

To see how red flare can support your organisation in meeting your organisational goals, call our sales team to arrange a demonstration.

  • Explain strategic mission

  • Identify initiatives

  • Design objectives

  • Monitor tasks

  • Share documents

  • Track goals and KPIs

  • Assess performance

  • Manage schedule

  • Clone and roll-over plans

  • Integrated email alerts

Free your team from the tedium of progress reporting; let red flare manage the recording and monitoring of milestones, allowing your team to concentrate on delivering the strategic objectives.


Incorporating best practice reporting standards and client feedback, red flare is delivered with a standard set of reports and extracts to meet most needs.

Our published data dictionary and data mart interface allows clients to analyse their governance data with data analytical tools of their choice.

Real time reporting is provided in PDF, Excel, Powerpoint and Word formats.

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