Supplier Management

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Supplier Management

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How do you Manage Risk, Service Level, Compliance,Safety, Brand exposure And Performance In Your Supply Chain?

Sometimes the origin of risk is outside your organisation. Is it outside your control? Do your suppliers use suppliers? How do you do correct Due Diligence?

Red Flare Third-Party Management enables a comprehensive process to identify, assess, mitigate, and monitor third-party risks, as well as to manage compliance. Streamline third-party information gathering, due diligence, onboarding, real-time reporting, and risk and control assessments. Red Flare also helps in assigning tasks, and documenting interactions with third parties. Your company will gain valuable intelligence and visibility into third-party relationships for greater risk awareness.

Complex supply chains are a common feature of the globalised economy. Businesses can rely on hundreds of suppliers and subcontractors in order to deliver their products and services. To maintain compliance with standards and regulations, to effectively model and manage risk, to ensure the safety of staff, the public and the environment, and to safeguard brand and reputation it is essential that quality, service level, compliance, risk and performance management systems be extended out to cover the supply chain.

Red Flare helps enhance business performance by enabling you to gain valuable intelligence and visibility into your third-party relationships for greater risk awareness and informed business decisions.

Consolidate all third parties in a centralized framework with visibility into the associated risks and compliance.

Streamline third-party due diligence processes, including third-party onboarding, information management, third-party assessments, and due diligence reporting. Transform third-party data into meaningful insights using intuitive reports.

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