Training Services

At Red Flare training services we deliver our training courses through interactive workshops which focus on theory, legislative and regulatory expectations and practical implementation. Each workshop is delivered via a presentation by the workshop facilitator combined with exercises to be completed by the participants which enhances the learning experience.

Our courses have been prepared in modular format with each module covering a specific discipline.

Individual modules are delivered over the course of a day or can be organized over two half-day sessions if required.

Learning outcomes

Understand the theory behind Governance, Strategy and the Three Line Defence: Compliance, Risk and Internal Audit.

Understand how this theory has been applied in setting the legal and  regulatory framework for regulated firms and entities.

Understand the regulator’s expectations when implementing the framework.

Practical suggestions for implementing

  • Good Governance

  • Strategic Planning and Execution

  • Management Frameworks

  • Compliance Frameworks

  • Internal Audit Function

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