red flare


Simplified assurance for all your regulatory needs

red flare provides an enterprise wide solution that collects, collates, and communicates key information on the effectiveness of the management structure, processes and controls.

Integrate risk, governance, compliance and strategic activities on a single platform


What our clients say

In addition to their excellent risk module, we have recently started using their new compliance module. This new compliance module has helped us put some real structure around the compliance plan by pinpointing the exact requirements that we have to fulfil. All our compliance obligations are held and stored on one integrated system, which makes it easier for us to make sure that everything runs smoothly”

“The red flare system matched all our requirements as it provided a link between the three functions of governance, risk, and compliance. Our Risk Officer and Compliance Officer found the system quite simple to use and when a problem occurred the help desk was always available. The board and committees can now see clearly the tracking recording and resolution of issues in all these areas”

“We found red flare to be easy to use and we would have no hesitation in acting as a referee for this product”

“As risk and compliance become more embedded in business, red flare has significantly aided many organisations to manage risk and compliance robustly. red flare makes the job of risk and compliance within an organisation a lot easier with reports etc. at the touch of a button”

“What I like about red flare is that it caters for all areas –  compliance, risk management, internal audit, strategy and good corporate governance”

“I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the red flare solutions and would urge anyone considering a change to review red flare prior to implementing any other system”

“I have no hesitation in recommending red flare software as the level of support and system capability are outstanding”

Business sectors

Make proactive decisions to achieve your business goals

red flare works across many business sectors helping to reduce potential risks, make proactive decisions and improve business performance