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Driving a Culture of Compliance and Performance

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Compliance Role

Your compliance officer must be equipped to meet regulatory challenges head on. With every new rule change or legislative act, they will have to understand how it impacts your business, document new policies, and communicate these changes to the rest of your organization. In this ever changing regulatory environment, Compliance Officers have a challenging task before them — to enable a holistic coordinated approach to compliance while empowering the growth of the business and maximising opportunities.

Red Flare can help streamline processes, enable your people can do more in less time, and reduce compliance spending for your organization

Measurable Outcomes

Red Flare enables Compliance Officers and their teams to effectively juggle the compliance requirements of each business function, as well as the potential risks

Red Flare’s Solution Can Help

Gain a real-time, enterprise-wide view of compliance posture, risks, and mitigation efforts

  • Provide insights to the senior management and board on potential compliance risks, monitoring results, regulatory changes, and their impact on business performance.

  • Align compliance reporting to the risk appetite framework and risk management expectations

Adopt a risk-driven approach to compliance

  • Identify potential risks and control weaknesses; prioritize compliance efforts accordingly.

  • Gain visibility into the relationships across the compliance and risk universe, thereby improving synergies

Enable a culture of compliance by strengthening collaboration across the three lines of defense

  • Enhance accountability and responsibility for compliance by efficiently allocating tasks such as assessments, mitigation, monitoring, testing, and auditing

  • Enable accurate coverage of compliance risks and controls; minimize the duplication of effort

Implement a robust regulatory change management process

  • Proactively monitor regulatory changes, and understand their impact on the business

  • Provide actionable advice on the business changes needed across geographies, products, and services

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